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What is “Forex”?

The Foreign Exchange market, also known as “Forex”, is a place of global exchange for the trading of currencies. Financial centers (USA, Europe, Asia and Australia) all over the world, act as anchors of trading between buyers and sellers around the clock, with the exception of weekends.


What is a “Demo Account”?


A “Demo Account” is a trading account that allows investors to review and test the features of a trading platform before funding the account or placing trades. It is typically "funded" with simulated money, which allows investors to conduct fictitious trades in order to become more familiar with the ins and outs of the platform, but also with the available financial tools.

Demo accounts can allow traders to experiment with a wide array of financial products, such as options, contract of difference (“CFDs”), forex, high leverage products and other derivatives. In addition, the demo account provides a way to test different trading strategies, such as carry trades in forex market.


Does my “Demo Account” expire?

A demo account expires after one month of trial. The user must create another demo account and carry on with his practices.


Do you provide training sessions? Does it cost money?

Dedicated to serve its wide clientele, CFI Markets provides free training sessions to those who desire to learn more about trading and be involved in financial markets.


What is “MT4”?

MT4 stands for “Meta Trader - 4”, an electronic trading platform widely used by online retail foreign exchange speculative traders.


What is a “Leverage”?

Leverage is a feature offered by the broker to help traders to deal larger amounts of securities while having a smaller account balance.


What is a “Balance”?

Balance is the amount of money available in the account, when there is no open position.


What is an “Equity”?

Equity is defined by the account balance adding the floating profit/loss of open positions:


Equity = Balance + Floating Profit/Loss


When there is no open position, thus no floating profit/loss, then the account equity and balance are the same.


What is a “Margin”?

The margin is an amount held as collateral to enable traders to hold open a position. Margins will be determined based on the trade size and the underlying traded.


What is a “Free Margin”?

Free margin is defined by the difference of the account equity and the open positions’ margin:

Free Margin = Equity - Margin

When there is no position, no money from the account is used as margin. Therefore, all the money available in the account is free. As long as there is no position, the account equity and free margin are the same as the account balance.


What is a “Margin Level”?

Margin level is the ratio of equity to margin: Margin level = (Equity / Margin) x 100

Margin level is very important as it is used to determine if the trader can take any new positions or not.


What is a “Margin Call”?

This will prevent the account from having negative or zero balance. Different brokers have set different limits for the margin level, but for most of them this limit is usually 100%. This limit is called “Margin Call Level”. Meaning that if the account margin level reaches 100%, open positions can still be closed, but traders cannot take any new positions. 100% margin call level happens when the account equity equals the margin. It happens when the trader have losing position / positions and the market keeps on going against him; when the account equity equals the margin, new positions cannot be taken anymore.


What is a “Stop-Out Level”?

When the market keeps on going against the trader, the broker will have to close the losing positions. Different brokers have different limits for this too. This limit is called “Stop-Out Level”. For instance, when the stop-out level is set to 20% by a broker, the platform starts closing the losing positions automatically if the margin level reaches 20% (it will start closing from the biggest losing position).


What are the services offered by CFI Markets?

CFI Markets offers a wide range of financial product and services:



- Forex

- CFDs & Metals

- Commodities


Brokerage Solutions:

- Business Finder

- White Label Programs


What is the leverage offered by CFI Markets?

CFI Markets provides a default leverage of 1:50 on its accounts. You may request a higher leverage by filling the following form. We will then perform an appropriateness assessment test and get back to you with an answer.

A lower leverage may be provided as well to accounts having the equity of USD 100K and above. However, CFI Markets reserves also the right to reduce the leverage offered to all or any account(s) at its own discretion, without prior notice to the Client.



Opening a Real Account


How do I open a “Real Account”?

In order to open a real account, the Client must fill the Online Application Form. CFI Markets is a regulated financial institution by CySEC (Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission), and thus, is required by the law to obtain and verify several information about its Clients before opening an account. Clients might be requested to submit as well additional forms related to their account type and to the different countries regulatory systems. Application forms include general and specific documents that must be filled and signed by the Client.


What are the application forms and/or documents required to open a “Real Account”?

- E-KYC form: Including necessary information provided online by the Client

- Proof of identification: Coloured copy of passport or ID (ID is only accepted for Cypriot residents)

- Proof of residency: Bank statement, government letter, gas bill, phone bill, water bill (must be less than 3 months old)

- Explicit Approval Letter: Signed copy of terms and conditions, approved by the Client

- Risk of acknowledgment: Acknowledged and approved by the Client, while filling the E-KYC online.

- FATCA & CRS documents: Acknowledged and approved by the Client, while filling the E-KYC online.


What is “FATCA”?

The Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) intends to prevent the avoidance of US tax by American citizens who hide money outside the United States. The main objective of FATCA is to strengthen information, reports and compliances, through providing rules around the processes of documenting, reporting and withholding on a payee.

In compliance with this act and in addition to the general application forms, the Client must sign all FATCA documents while stating whether he is or not a US citizen.

The FATCA required documents:

- Waiver: enabling the Client to accept the terms and conditions of the said regulation with respect to CFI Markets

- W8 Form: signed by the Client to show and approve whether or not he is a US Citizen

- W9 Form: signed by the Client to show and approve that he is a US Citizen.

To read more about FATCA, kindly follow our Terms and Conditions – Section 35.1 here.


Is any additional type of tax declaration required by CFI Markets Ltd.?

CFI Markets adopted recently the Common Reporting Standard (CRS) as another source of tax declaration, since the agreement was signed by the Cypriot government on October 2014.

To read more about the CRS, kindly follow our Terms and Conditions – Section 35.2 here.

Funding and/or Withdrawal Procedures



What kind of deposit and/or withdrawal methods is offered by CFI Markets?

CFI Markets offers different methods for depositing and/or withdrawing funds quickly and easily. Clients are always free to withdraw their funds at any time.

- Wire Transfer: One of the fastest and highly secure ways to transfer electronically money from an account to that of CFI Markets.

- Credit Cards (Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, Maestro): Once the Client has opened an account, credits cards can be used to deposit and/or withdraw money.

In order to ensure better security of funds, each Client using its credit card for the first time as a method of funding/withdrawal, is requested to send a copy of his card to CFI Markets at the following e-mails:

- E payment platforms: The Client can use Neteller, Skrill and Paypal for his deposits and/or withdrawals.

Follow the links for more information on deposit and withdrawal methods.


Do I have to open a bank account in order to fund my CFI Markets account?

No, the Client does not need to have a personal bank account in order to deposit money.


Can a third party deposit or withdraw money from my CFI Markets account?

CFI Markets only accepts requests from the beneficiary owner of the account and does not allow third party deposits and/or withdrawals, i.e. all Clients’ deposits and/or withdrawals should originate from each account holder’s own bank account.

If the account opened at CFI Markets is a joint account, both owners are considered as instruction givers and can thus make requests on behalf of their co-account holder. Moreover, both account holders can transfer funds or request withdrawals from their own bank account. Transfers can also originate or be made from or to the joint account holders’ bank account.

Leveraged products involve high risks and losses may exceed the invested capital

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